You can listen to a sample from my first audiobook on the Narration page of this site!​ Voice Acting demo and more coming soon ;-)

I have really enjoyed the voice over work I've done this year and can't wait to share more of it with you!


"Evan Sibley brilliantly delivers his several-minute monologue on his immersion in love."

Naples News, The Vibrator Play


“Natalia Dyer and Sibley register their characters' torments honestly and sympathetically”

Curtain Up, Intriguing Engagements


"Howell and Sibley are superbly cast as Gladys and Henry.  Their characters mature and develop in each act, pushing the limits of their family relationships with honest vim."

More Than the Play, The Skin of Our Teeth


“Evan Sibley delivered on all counts as Meg’s true love, the dashing and sensitive Will.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts, Intriguing Engagements 

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